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As a client of Friese Financial Advocates, Inc., we’ll guide you through the steps that help us create and manage your customized financial strategy. Our Blueprint process consists of four stages; Discover, Strategize, Implement, Monitor & Adjust.

Our planning model is based on a simple goal: To develop and implement a financial strategy that helps creates more wealth potential and protection, provide more certainty & options without reducing your desired lifestyle.

Client Centered

Your goals and needs will be the guide to your financial strategy. We will get to know each other, understand your circumstances, discuss your current finances and explain how our process will work for you.

Next, we will develop and present a strategy with an action plan that is tailored to your short and long term objectives.

Once we outline the course of action, we’ll begin implementing your strategy. This involves a big picture plan as well as the important details of financial planning from investment strategies to personal protection.

We will monitor your goals on a regular basis to ensure they are still on track for fulfillment. When we discover that your circumstances have changed, or that shifting global markets require a different investing approach, we will be quick to recommend adjustments to the plan as needed.