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Richard E. Friese

Richard E. Friese


Fifty years or half a century any way you look at it, it is a long time. On August 15, 1966 I embarked on a profession that would span all of those years. I was given a great start to a life-long business through selling life insurance and then investments to a loyal group of people. Many of my first clients are still with us today. Thanks to all of you for allowing us to become great friends and grow with your families, now in some cases, two and three generations.

My business came full circle when my oldest son Mark joined me in September 1993. As a father I cant think of anything that has been more fulfilling than the opportunity to work side by side with my son while being of help and service to people.

As we enter the next 50 years, thank you again for friendship, loyalty, and the privilege to work for all of you!